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Welcome to Lighthouse Care
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Welcome to Lighthouse Care


Lighthouse Care is a not for profit charity that is largely self funded. 
Our enthusiastic Staff & Volunteers goal is meeting the needs of families and individuals by providing a shopping trolley of food for $25.

Our trolley of food is one of the best ways that we provide a variety of food that can be made into meals at the lowest possible cost.
Each week the trolley is different but always has a box of fresh fruit & vegetables and staples like bread, milk, yogurt as well as pasta, sauce, soft drink and many more products able to help and make a difference for the families that use Lighthouse Care.

Come and join the family at Lighthouse Care today

Ron & Debbie Hill

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Forever grateful
2014-10-17, 05:56
Thank you so much for all you'll do. My family & I are currently on one income and I can't explain how much this helps us out. Thank you! Yhank you! T...
Rodi Sterling
2014-11-07, 06:53
I know the lovely people for about 6 years now, always helpful and kind . Your kindness got me though some tough times, and I still go to get food par...
Chris Martin
2013-03-08, 00:15
Just wanted to say you guys are great and i really appreciate the help that you gave me!! cheers!!

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Everyone is welcome

No pension or health care card? No problem! Lighthouse Care understands that everybody needs help some times, so we are here to help everyone all of the time.